Origami Box Flat (open)

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Origami Paper Boxes which have an open (flat) pattern and you can close them in a very easy, quick and simple way. In their flat form, they can be easily transferred and stored. The Origami Boxes are suitable also for food, as they have an enforced coating on the inside, which makes them very safe. They have special notches on their sides, in a way that you can place a ribbon and hang them.

They are available in packages of 20 pieces and in 9 different colors.

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The Origami Boxes are designed, made and produced in Greece from the Newman Packaging company. They are Greek products, available in 9 different colors.

They are ideal for parties, for kids’ presents, for sample-giving during an exhibition, for employees’ gifts at a corporate event and also for bonboniere (favours) or the guests’ presents at a baptism or a wedding.