Sliding matchbox-type Kraft Box – Flat/Open – 7 sizes for jewellery

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Paper, eco-friendly kraft boxes, which close like a drawer (just like a matchbox). They can be used for jewellery and other items, such as tourism goods, presents and faux jewellery. These paper eco-friendly boxes are available in 7 sizes. All boxes are “flat/open” in packages of 36 pieces per size.

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Eco-friendly Kraft boxes made of paper, designed for jewellery, that close like a drawer (just like a matchbox). Depending the size and the dimensions of the box, each one is intended to be used for specific jewellery pieces.

They are Greek and innovative products, as the boxes are designed and made in Greece from the Newman Packaging company, which sells them at the Greek market and abroad.

The boxes are ideal for jewellery shops, gift shops that specialize in handmade jewellery and accessories, faux jewellery shops, silvery labs, tourist shops and also for e-shops which sell these kinds of products and want to send them to their clients in an eco-friendly, suitably designed and safe package.

The boxes are sold in open/flat form.

They are designed specifically for jewellery pieces and when they are ready, they have these dimensions:

  • Sliding Box for Small Ring 45x45x30mm
  • Sliding Box for Big Ring 55x55x35mm
  • Sliding Box for Pendant No2 43x62x22mm
  • Sliding Box for Pendant No5 58x83x22mm
  • Sliding Box for Pendant No7 68x97x22mm
  • Sliding Box for Pendant No10 83x118x22mm
  • Sliding Box for Bracelet/Wristwatch 42x82x44mm

Order the size or the sizes you want and get the “open” boxes; which means that you get the patterns in order to make them on your own.