Matchbox-type Kraft Box Flat/Open – 10 sizes

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The matchbox-type boxes are available at 10 sizes and when you set them up, they have these dimensions:

No1  37x60x25 mm
No2  50x81x33 mm
No3  63x102x41 mm
No4  76x123x49 mm
No5  89x144x57 mm
N06  102x165x65 mm
No7  115x186x73 mm
No8  128x207x81 mm
No9  141x228x89 mm
No10 154x249x97 mm

The smaller boxes (No1, No2, No3, No4, No5) are available in “open” packages:

No1 in “open” package of 24 pieces
No2 in “open” package of 12 pieces
No3 in “open” package of 12 pieces
No4 in “open” package of 6 pieces
No5 in “open” package of 4 pieces

Boxes No6, No7, No8, No9 and No10 are sold by piece (each piece is “open” as well)

Order the size or the sizes you want and get the “open” boxes; which means that you get the patterns in order to make them on your own.

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Paper boxes from hard cardboard at low prices, durable, steady and eco-friendly. They close like a drawer (just like a matchbox) and you get them in an open form: you get the patterns and then you make them on your own, whenever you need to.

They are Greek products, with great dynamic, as the boxes are designed and made in Greece from the Newman Packaging company, which sells them at the Greek market and abroad.

These boxes can be safe packages for objects that need special care and attention, as well as for objects that an eco-friendly package suits them; an excellent package that can be transferred and can be personalized in many ways.

The matchbox-type boxes from the Newman Packaging company are ideal for gift shops, shops with pottery & objects made of glass and fragile objects in general, shops with tourist items, artworks & creations, DIY crafts and jewellery, decorative items, organic and traditional products and in general with many businesses that take special care of their packages, such as a lingerie store, a shoe store or an accessories store.

The matchbox-type boxes from the Newman Packaging company are also ideal for e-shops and in general for businesses that deliver their products to their clients and they need a steady, durable and low-price package which protects the product until the moment it arrives at the costumer’s hands.

The boxes can also be suitable for storing up your personal items and your office supplies, since all the matchbox-type boxes can be opened and closed as many times as you want, without any damage for a very long time.

The boxes can be printed with the company’s / store’s logo or with anything you think it is necessary. Also, you can give them any style you want (you can decorate them with several craft materials).

Since you get the open/flat matchbox-type boxes (as a pattern and then make them on your own), we will give you the necessary instructions and you will see that it is very easy and simple to create them!

But if you want the boxes to be ready when you get them, then see here the equivalent product and choose the size or sizes for your online order.

If you want the matchbox-type boxes to have specific dimensions (which they don’t match with the above boxes -No1 to No10-), you can contact us and place your order; we will make them especially for you, at any size you want!